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"Music for all Occasions"

                        Unique Wedding Ideas

Bouquets Flower Girls/Ring Bearers
Bridesmaids or even the bride can carry a basket bursting with flowers. Your flower girl can dress up as an angel in a halo (decorated with roses) and wings.
Hand-tied bouquets are not only in right now, they are usually less expensive. Your littlest attendants will look adorable dressed as your favorite storybook characters.
Let your bridesmaids choose their favorite flowers for their arrangements. They will love adding that spark of their own personality. She/he can carry a favorite toy, the first teddy bear your fiancé gave you (or won for you at a carnival), a small lantern or a basket of candy.
Keep a lucky charm hidden in your bouquet, like the cork from your first date, a matchbook from the restaurant where he proposed, etc. For a twist, your flower girl can blow bubbles as she walks down the aisle, and your ring bearer can carry a flower to give to his mother.
Centerpieces Theme Weddings
A birdcage -- decorated with flowers and ribbons on the outside -- can highlight a table with a candle (or candles) glowing from within. Valentine's Day: The ultimate in romance. Use shades of pink, lots of lace and give conversation hearts as favors.
Baskets can give a rustic or spring-like touch as a centerpiece, depending on what material and color makes up the basket. Fill with flowers, candy, vegetables, fruit, hors d'oeuvres, or cheese, crackers, bread, and red wine. Christmas: Chances are, churches will already be decorated for the season (cha-ching!). Gingerbread houses, poinsettias, mistletoe, wreaths, and Santa can create the festive atmosphere. Ornaments make terrific favors.
Dessert: Molded chocolate filled with fruit looks great on the tables, and your guests will love the nibbling. Try a chocolate swan, basket, heart-shaped bowl, champagne bottles, or bride and groom. Hobbies: Do you share a passion (besides each other)?  Skiers, hit the slopes; movie lovers, decorate with posters and name tables with favorite titles; golfers, hold the party at a course with an outing to start the day.
Elegantly placed favors beautifully adorned in ribbons will add that special touch. Gangster: Find an antique gin mill; swing dancing will bring guests to their feet.
For an autumn affair, try arranging fall flowers in a pumpkin. Wine Lovers: A vineyard in the country with local varieties of wine will fulfill every dream.
Having a beach wedding? Keep the theme with a neatly prepared seashell arrangement. Add a more dramatic effect by lighting small votive candles matching the soft colors of the shells. Theme Park: Disney World and Disneyland make your fairy tale wedding a reality. Universal Studios can create special effects that will blow your guests away.
Use a gardening pail -- painted either white or to match your wedding colors, or left a shiny brass, silver, or gold -- as a planter for a small tree, with flower petals covering the soil, or as a vase for flowers. Use a stencil to paint on table numbers. Hawaiian Luau: Drink exotic beverages from carved-out pineapples; Hawaiian leis make great favors; hula dance in grass skirts; and a pig roast and bonfire will bring back college memories.
Candles: Let your imagination run wild. There are so many options when it comes to candle centerpieces: pillar candles of different sizes (in white or in different shades of your colors) can be surrounded by pillows of baby's breath, or candles of different heights can be placed in assorted silver candlesticks and can sit on a silver-decorated mirror. Keep in mind the safety and drip factors. Memories: Do you have a favorite place to visit? Let your favorite place host your party. Did he propose to you on the beach? Have a beach theme. Bring your special memories to your wedding day.  Did you ride on a merry-go-round on your first date? Rent a carousel. It will give you a chance to share favorite moments with your guests, and give you a day for all to remember.
Topiaries make elegant table decorations. Movie/Book: From Gone With the Wind to The Godfather. The possibilities are endless.
For a Christmas event, gingerbread houses can be fun and festive.  Safari: Host your day at the zoo. The photos will be amazing. Don't forget your pith helmet.
Wreaths aren't just for hanging. Try using them as centerpieces with a pillar candle in the middle. Heritage: Bring out the customs and traditions of your culture.
At a recent black-tie benefit held at the posh Union League Club in NYC, green apples, individually tied with black tulle ribbons, stacked in a shiny brass bowl adorned the tables and added to the sophisticated atmosphere of the evening. Bluegrass/Country Western: Pull out the cowboy boots, fiddle and 10-gallon hat. Square and line dancing are definite crowd pleasers.  Get sepia photos taken in full Wild West gear, like the ones you see at the boardwalk.
Silver goblets filled with dainty white flowers should be low enough for guests see over. Roaring Twenties: Big band music and flappers set the scene.
Orchids in terra cotta pots painted white and arranged on a tray can be given to guests as favors. Renaissance: This calls for costumes, white horses, jesters and jousting. Utensils optional. Beware of food fights.
Miniature tiered wedding cakes for each table serve as beautiful centerpieces throughout the affair, and then to be enjoyed as dessert. Victorian: The National Register of Historical Places lists ideal locations. Host a  high tea accompanied by a Victorian barrel organ.
Antique or wrought iron lanterns will add a rustic, charming effect to your event. Creative Receptions
Romantic flickering candlelight from floating candles in a glass bowl will create the perfect mood. Decorate with flowers and ribbons and you have a splendid centerpiece -- for a lot less money than traditional floral arrangements.  Time Capsule: Asks guests to write a favorite memory about the bride and groom or simply something about the wedding. Their sentiments can preserved in a "time capsule" to be opened on your 25th anniversary.
Floating rose buds give an understated, yet classic effect to a wedding shower or rehearsal dinner. Dessert Stations: Cheesecake; Chocolate; Crepe; Flambé (cherries jubilee,bananas foster, strawberries spumoni, peach melba); Pies; Sundaes (make your own?).
Ceremonies With Style
Upon arriving, each guest is given a white candle to hold. You choose someone to begin the lighting, and when everyone's candle is lit, the ceremony begins. Gourmet Coffee Bar: Café latté, espresso, cappuccino, and flavored coffees are all the rage. Add some Irish to keep the party rockin'.
Write your own vows. Sushi Bar Station: Your guests will be intrigued by the chef creating sushi hors d'oeuvres in front of their very eyes.
Ring bells after you say your vows. Unusual, unconventional reception sites will make your party unforgettable:

1.  Yacht/Tennis/Golf clubs
2.  Wineries
3.  Farms, ranches
4.  Public parks, gardens
5.  Mountains
6.  Beaches
7.  Old/historic buildings
8.  Historic houses/brownstones
9.  Mansions
10. Art galleries
11. Bed & breakfast inns
12. Yachts, boats, cruise ships
13. Clubhouse at condo complex
14. Arboretums
15. Military/officers' club
16. Women's club facilities

Have ushers hand out a single flower to each guest as they enter.
Ask if you can stand facing your guests, where traditionally the officiant is positioned.
Include both sets of parents in the processional. As your mother approaches, take a flower out of your bouquet and hand it to her. Then as his parents approach, hand a flower from your bouquet to his mother as well.
Ask each guest to bring a flower for them to put in a growing arrangement near the entranceway, or add to a trellis for an outdoor affair.
Attendants' Gifts
For the Girls: Jewelry   For the Guys: Cuff links
  Cute, little vase     Travel kit
  Book     Cigars
  Aromatherapy candles     Beer-of-the-month club
  Engraved stationery     Sterling key chain
  Address book     Beer stein
  Journal     Magazine subscription
  Spa gift box     Money clip
  Day at the spa     Favorite team's jersey
  Candlesticks     Tool box
  Wooden jewelry box     Flask
  Picture frame     Leather journal
  Silver business card holder     Wine rack
  Sterling atomizer     Pocketknife
  Sheer chiffon scarf     Bottle of liqueur
  Bottle of champagne     Pen
  Tiny silver perfume flask     Book
  Wooden/crystal clock     Gift certificate
  Silk-shantung handbag     Leather gloves
  Sterling key chain     Cashmere scarf
  Wool, cashmere scarf     Business card holder
  Gift certificate     Tickets to game
  Wine rack     Wallet
  Manicure kit     Tickets to concert
  Tea/coffee gift box     Cigar-of-the-month club
  Gift set for margaritas     Wine-of-the-month club
  Flowers-of-the-month club     Monogrammed silver box
  Wine-of-the-month club     Golfer's gift box/basket
  Magazine subscription     Wooden/brass clock
  Leather gloves     Tie
  Engraved silver lighter     Silver cigar trigger punch
  Silver box     Engraved silver lighter
  Photo album     Silver collar stays
  Basket of toiletries     Leather-cased manicure set
  Hair accessories     Shaving bowl, brush, razor
      Silver cigar holder


bulletAdd some fun to the reception; place plastic bottles of bubble-blowing liquid on tables, at each guest's place. Personalize the labels with the bride and groom's name and wedding date. Bubbles can fill the air as the bride and groom have their first dance.


bulletUse a small picture frame to double as a table or place card, and wedding favor all in one. Write each guest's name in calligraphy on a small piece of paper, slide it into the frame and place these frames appropriately at each table, or add the table. This doubles as a wedding favor that every guest can take home and enjoy.


bulletPlace a throw-away camera on each table. Instruct the guests to take pictures during the reception. Don't forget to arrange for someone to collect all the cameras at the end of the reception.

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