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Fact: you should begin planning your wedding the day you become engaged. Sound overwhelming? Don't despair -- just get organized. And remember these details to stay in step and on time for the most important day of your life.

1.Clip photographs and favorite ideas from the pages of Bridal Magazines and bookmark websites with Wedding information..

2. Encourage the groom's family to make the first move to orchestrate a meeting with your parents, soon after you become engaged.

3. Meet with your clergyman, rabbi or judge to learn the religious and legal requirements you must fulfill for the ceremony.

4. Discuss a realistic budget with your groom, your parents and his parents.

5. Send announcements of your engagement to your fiancÚ's and your hometown newspapers, as well as the newspaper in the town where you live now.

6. Compile a guest list with the help of your mother and his.

7. Consider incorporating the tradition of the unity candle into your marriage ceremony. After the vows, the bride and groom take two lit candles and together light the larger unity candle to symbolize their new beginning.

8. Extend invitations to your closest friends and family members to serve as members of the wedding party.

9. Interview several caterers to insure the best possible food service at your reception. Establish a written contract that confirms all details and prices.

10. Secure the services of a videographer to capture the scenes of your wedding day.

11. Remember music can make the party.  If a live band is in your budget look for a band that has been together for at least 7 years or more.  The smaller 1 to 2 band offices will generally give you more personalized attention and more affordable pricing.  Make sure that they are a set band that rehearses regularly.

12. Schedule appointments for all gown fittings well in advance.

13. Set a date with the caterer to confirm the final number of guests.

14. Determine if liquor will be served at your reception and how drinks will be served.

15. Help your mother and your fiancÚ's mother select dresses for the wedding. The mother-of-the-bride always chooses her attire first; the groom's mother dresses in a complementary style and color.

16. To insure a proper fit, send the groomsmen measurement cards, obtained from your formalwear specialist and returned to the best man who coordinates the fittings.

17. Place a welcome gift or basket in the hotel room of each out-of-town guest.

18. Confirm your travel and honeymoon arrangements well in advance. Collect necessary passports and traveler's checks.

19. Select a personal gift for your groom to be presented during a moment alone before the wedding.

20. Consult with your lawyer to name your new husband as beneficiary in your will.

21. Present your attendants' gifts before the wedding, either at a bridesmaids' luncheon or at the rehearsal dinner. Something that can be engraved is always extra special.

22. Arrange for transportation from the reception to your wedding night destination, and don't forget to tuck in a bottle of champagne.

23. Design a wedding program that describes each part of your marriage ceremony.

24. Ask a close friend to gather your personal belongings from the dressing area after the wedding and take them to the reception.

25. Arrange for a close friend or family member to transport wedding gifts from the reception site to your home or your parents' home

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